Martin Schluter

Art Director / MUltiplatform Designer
Hello! I'm Martin Schluter, an Art Director / Designer currently working out of the creative hub New York. I'm glad you came to check out my portfolio. I love what I do and the people I do it with, and it shows in the kind of work I can showcase here. You'll see that my style tends to lean towards the sophisticated to the interesting and quirky - something I've honed through working with some incredible people in the industry.

I regularly produce a number of varied pieces of work for a wide array of clients -- graphic design pieces, campaign art, concepts and wire framing, copy, photography, and social media content. Some of the clients I have worked with include well known retailers, a major cruise line, music artists and some fun projects I do for myself on the side. Click through my portfolio to get a taste of my style, contact me directly here, and be sure to follow on Instagram for my latest updates, travels, and client work.
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